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    Use Social Media to Market Your Hawaii Business

    The importance of Social Media / Networking has grown significantly in recent times. It's ability to allow users to interact at a speed even quicker than "word of mouth". Now your comments can be heard around the world immediately. Leveraging this power to market your business makes great sense.

    Social Networking Websites

    Some of the social media / networking platforms that we employ with our marketing strategies are:
    social networking site twitter

    Twitter - Quick notes about relevant topics that are sent to your "followers" live.

    facebook social networking site

    Facebook - Personal or business profile page capable of networking with others of similar interests.

    linked in social networking for business professionals

    Linked In - Networking site used for promoting oneself as a business professional.

    Google Buzz networking site with gmail

    Buzz - Google's networking site which ties into Gmail and their wide range of products.

    MySpace social networking site for younger crowd

    MySpace - Once the leader in social networking sites, it now caters to the under 30 crowd escaping from their parents on Facebook.

    Youtube social media video website

    YouTube - More a social media site, YouTube allows you create a channel that displays videos to commercialy promote your product or service.

    flickr social media image website

    flickr - Another social media site, flickr is a great way to use images as a marketing tool. flickr allows you to store large amounts of imagery that is shared with others.

    Our Social Media Marketing Services

    The services we can offer your Hawaii business range according to your needs.

    • Set up your social media accounts. These are free and in some cases your pages can be stylized to match your branding.
    • Start making connections with viewers of your page - always focusing on people who are looking for you.
    • Offer up conversations about your business or service. Genuinely find an interest and inquire more about your viewers. Check our their profiles and see who is in their network - and start networking with them..
    • Provide relevant information about your service that your viewers will find valuable.
    • Start converting your network into customers by offering them a great service that can cannot live without.
    • Once they have engaged you be sure to give them something as a bonus. Something that is absolutely free. Not a discount on something else they buy, but something for free.
    • Encourage your new customers in their business. By providing a real value you will get them wanting more and they will spread the word of your business to their peers.
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